Hello! We are The Bump Crew.

Pregnancy is a beautiful phase, which comes with its own set of challenges. We at The Bump Crew are a team of individuals dedicated to making any mom-to-be feel pampered with things that are great for her and the baby both! Also, our mommies from different realms and generations help us make each hamper special and impart traditional knowledge for pregnancy in Indian Women. We take pride in the fact that we are – 100% made in India, each of our products has minimal additives, preservatives and artificial colouring and it’s all handmade with love. We also help curate super special and personalized giveaways and announcements, done especially for you.


Each product is selected careful after scientifically understanding its potential benefits for the pregnancy, related problems and the baby.


Each product is selected after intense sampling and checks for amount of additives and preservatives. We support local entrepreneurs for creating products especially for us, for maximum benefits.


Our “crew” of makers, innovators, mommies and professionals get their knowledge together to make a product best suited for the Indian Mom-to-be.


Each box has been handpicked with great thought, love and consult, with items suitable and traditionally known to help during a particular trimester of pregnancy. Typically, every box has about 6-8 full sized items which have ben especially created for The Bump Crew using the best of ingredients sourced indigenously.

TRIMESTER 1: A Box Full Of Love

Box filled with goodies to help your loved one embrace her pregnancy and deal with cravings and morning sickness.

TRIMESTER 2: A Box Full of Pampering

A box filled with age-old traditional Indian wisdom of dealing with the aches and pains pregnancy brings with the growing bump.

TRIMESTER 3: A Box Full of Relaxation

A box filled with goodies that help calm the mom-to-be’s anxiety and keep her de-stressed till the baby arrives.

Dad-to-Be: New Parents or Daddy’s Box

Pregnancy is a change for the dad-to-be too! Our special parents and dad-to-be box has adorable quirky items along with a premium selection of grooming and eatables to make sure the daddy feels pampered too!

  • 100% Made in India
  • Preservative and Additive Free
  • Handcrafted with Love
  • Premium Products made with quality ingredients
  • Specially Curated for Expectant Women & Dads-to-be


Our Clients Love us!


We are a couple who love making occasions special and celebrating every moment in life! With engineering backgrounds and masters in entrepreneurship and sciences from the Ivy leagues of UK, we put our minds at work together to create a “crew” of makers and professionals dedicated to making one feel special and having a great impact on their health and emotional well-being.


In Today’s day and age when pregnancy is not only difficult but also attached to many challenges, most couples are living away from family due to work, etc. During this time they miss the pampering, traditional guidance, and just the feeling of being looked after, the most. We thought of making a service, which imparts wisdom, care and love in a box and also makes the parents-to-be super special and pampered. Starting with maternity boxes, our vision is to make every aspect to pregnancy for Indian couples more accessible and approachable – travelling, gifting, announcements, parties, health, general wellness, etc. Our aim is to create one place where Indian couples can find all things linked to pregnancy and childbirth be it information or buying actual products. We hope to become a trusted name and seal on each product or service we curate for expectant and new parents nationwide.

Akriti Garg


MSc. & B.Tech Biotechnology
& Animal Biosciences

With a streak to innovate and create things which have an impact and add a hint of magic and love to each day <3

Vivek Garg


MBA & B.Tech,

An itch to create a sustainable business with a strong trusted accolade of people or our “crew” to make occasions uber special!


Have a specific query in mind? Need something specially curated for your loved one? Or need bulk gifts which talk volumes of about you and sentiment? We would love a challenge and love to talk to you!